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Meet GreenGen, Your Solar Power Partner

We’re GreenGen, a team of solar energy experts who love partnering with homeowners and business owners to create clean, green, renewable energy.

Considered systems. Designed around you.

Our team is here to create considered solar energy solutions that are designed around you and your home or business. Each system we install is totally unique, because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach or solution to solar.

 We team up with you to create solutions that exceed your expectations and tick every box. Rely on us to create a lucrative solar energy system that saves you money and lowers your carbon footprint.

We’re problem solvers

The layout, area, and positioning of your roof or the trees surrounding it — your home may not always lend itself to solar energy. Our team are problem solvers when it comes to solar power installations — we’ll work with you to maximise your solar power and work with what you have.

Our Green Values

Clean Energy

Clean energy — it’s why we’re here. Our team values clean energy and the significance of creating clean, renewable energy sources. We love that we get to make a difference in your life and across the world.

Total Support

Our team values you, so that means providing you with total support. From the solar panel selection stage to the installation and our ongoing maintenance, it’s important you have the support you need to maximise your solar’s potential.

Constant Innovation

We’re constantly working to improve and maximise energy efficiency and savings through clever innovation in how we install and set up your solar panel network.

Our GreenGen Mission

To create a growing network of clean, green, renewable energy in South East Queensland.

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